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Breast Augmantation procedure

Breast Revision

Over time, breast implants can change shape or size. They change their appearance or you are not longer comfortable with the results, we know for sure that nothing lasts forever, and most implants have a 10-year life cycle. Breast implant revision surgery typically involves removing or replacing the original implants.

What is a Breast Revision?

A breast revision works for breasts that have been previously operated on. There are many ways and options to approach a breast revision, depending on the specific case.

Our specialized team will define if you'll need a Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, or fat transfer, or if it may involve one or a combination of the mentioned procedures. Which procedure is needed depends very much on the reason for the surgery.

Additional surgery may be needed for the best and longest-lasting results.

It usually involves changing the old implants for new ones, often with a bigger size or a smaller size. It can also include a breast lift, release of scar tissue, and change to the size, shape, and location of the “pocket” (the space inside the body where the implant sits).

Procedure types

Depending on the case, we will evaluate if the procedure will need implants or not. Once the virtual evaluation is made we will decide together which procedure is the most appropriate to address the details of the breast.

The type of surgery will be chosen by Dr. Rodríguez according to the case or needs:

Reposition or change.
Re sizing
Symmastia or Synmastia.

Do I apply for Acid Hialuronic?

During your virtual evaluation, we'll do our best to understand your needs.

Most candidates for this procedure have been previously operated on but want to approach the following:

We will walk you through all the details and needs you may have. There are different paths to fulfill your desires.

Historias de éxito

Demostrado por los resultados y la satisfacción de sus pacientes, Body Art Surgical destaca por su dedicación a la perfección, la belleza y la función de recuperación.

What else do I need to know?

Many people undergo these procedures successfully, but each body is different. There are risks associated with breast implants that you should be aware of.

All risks and questions will be fully discussed prior to your consent. We will make sure to address all of your questions.

All risks and questions will be fully discussed prior to your consent. We will make sure to address all of your questions.

Recovery services included

Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps reduce swelling and discomfort, giving your body a faster recovery caused by oxygen exposure.

*Sessions included with your surgery*

Integral caring

We make sure to take care of all the details From your transportation, and lodging, to your recovery after surgery.

Recovery house

We have recovery houses adapted for your comfort


The meals are prepared by a Professional Chef supervised by our nutritionist.

Post-surgical treatments

Constant monitoring and supervision during your recovery at the hands of our experts.

Physiotherapy & massages

Massage center, lymphatic drainage, and physiotherapy services, supervised by our doctors.


We have the best options to make you and your companion’s stay more comfortable.


After surgery care and treatments for an effective result.

Medical Passes

In minutes we manage medical passes for your patients and family members.

Hospital transportation

From the airport or the border, we take care of your transportation to the hospital.

Frequently asked questions

To get a quote, we will ask you to apply for a virtual evaluation. In which you will be asked for photographs, depending on the procedure or procedures of your interest. Due to the times in which we find ourselves, we do our best to attend to you only via virtual evaluation, but if required, we could also have a face-to-face consultation.

Once you apply for your virtual evaluation, you will receive an estimate by mail within 5 to 7 business days.

To receive information about evaluations and appointments with Dr. Irving, please dial the following numbers: 6643319030 y 6197465197.

Start with your virtual evaluation

Apply for virtual evaluation from home and receive information about the procedure you want.