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Ear surgery


Also known as ear surgery. This procedure can improve the shape, proportion, or position of the ear. Mishapes can be caused by an injury or an abnormality in the ear structure that is present at birth or develops over time. All these can be corrected by otoplasty.

What does otoplasty surgery consist of?

What can an otoplasty correct?


The best incision will be chosen by Dr. Rodríguez according to the case, we have
several options among the most common are the following:
Ear augmentation.

This procedure increases the size of their outer ear. Some people may have small ears or ears that haven’t completely developed.

Ear pinning.

Performed on patients whose ears are prominently sticking out the sides of their heads. This type of otoplasty involves drawing the ears closer to the head. Ear reduction.

Ear reduction.

Macrotia is when your ears are larger than normal. People with macrotia may choose to have otoplasty to reduce the size of their ears.

Am I a candidate?

An ear surgery, which is a highly individualized procedure, the following considerations are taken into account in order to guarantee the best result:

We’ll review things like your medical history and your physical characteristics. We will walk you through all the needs and details. We'll be with you all the way.

Success Stories

Proven by patient satisfaction and results, Body Art Surgical stands out for its dedication to perfection, beauty, and healthy recovery.

What else do I need to know?

Many people undergo these procedures successfully, but each body is different.

These are some of the most significant considerations to keep in mind, which will be discussed in further detail prior to your procedure:

All risks and questions will be fully discussed prior to your consent. We will make sure to address all of your questions.

Recovery services included

Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps reduce swelling and discomfort, giving your body a faster recovery caused by oxygen exposure.

*Sessions included with your surgery*

Frequently asked questions

To get a quote, we will ask you to apply for a virtual evaluation. In which you will be asked for photographs, depending on the procedure or procedures of your interest. Due to the times in which we find ourselves, we do our best to attend to you only via virtual evaluation, but if required, we could also have a face-to-face consultation.

Once you apply for your virtual evaluation, you will receive an estimate by mail within 5 to 7 business days.

To receive information about evaluations and appointments with Dr. Irving, please dial the following numbers: 6643319030 y 6197465197.

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